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We Need to Talk About Clays.

We use different clays and ingredients in many products. Clay is one of the most purifying and detoxifying ingredients in skincare products. To some people, especially those with dry skin, it might seem to you that clays are drying and not suitable for you. However, as long as you choose the right clay, your skin could still benefit from clay! There are many different types of clay, just to name a few: Kaolin Clay, Pink Clay, French Green Clay.

Kaolin Clay

white clay in bar soap, smooth bar soap

Also known as white clay, Kaolin Clay is among the mildest of all clays. Kaolin is a gentle clay that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It cleanses and pulls impurities from the pores without causing redness and irritation. Kaolin doesn’t draw oils from the skin and therefore can also be used on dry skin.

Pink Clay

pink clay is gentle and suitable for skin type

Pink Clay is known for its amazing benefits for dry and sensitive skin. It is suitable for all skin types due to its very light texture yet deeply restorative properties. Enriched in minerals it helps to purify and replenish skin, the skin would feel and look visibly brighter and smooth in appearance.

French Green Clay

green clay is good at purifying skin

French Green Clay is also known as Green Montmorillonite Clay. It is a soft, mineral-rich clay that originally found in western France. French Green Clay is highly efficient at attracting and absorbing dirt, impurities, and oil from the skin.

Found in:

cleansing balm with natural ingredients, purifies skin and removes make up

handmade bar soap with pink clay, lavender. made in hong kong and natural

handmade bar soap with french green clay, natural ingredients and made in hong kong

Hope you enjoy the GLOW!


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