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Let's start the GLOW.

we care about the nature. clean beauty is important to the environment.

the soft glow is a concept and a lifestyle.

The story of the soft glow started with a simple admiration of the soft and natural glow on people and in our nature. Have you ever seen a person with such a beautiful skin that is glowing from within? Have you ever been so close with our mother nature and you felt like every grass and tree and even the sky are all glowing together? This is the kind of glow we want to give to your skin without costing our planet's future.

We all love a little nice treatment to our face and body. Unfortunately the beauty industry nowadays are overused with synthetic ingredients that might possibly harm our skin and our nature. These synthetic ingredients are cheaper and more convenient in terms of making skin care products and cosmetics. We believe we should always try to formula our products as natural as possible despite the cost and effort we need to put in it. Meanwhile, we also want to make the products affordable to every men and women. It should not cost a fortune to have beautiful skins.

Let's start the glow together and we hope you will enjoy the glow.

We love nature, choose skincare products that will not harm the nature.


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