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Skin allergies could happen to anyone and when it happens, it's a real pain in the ass. There're a few things we could do to prevent it and soothe it.

What causes skin allergies?

When an allergen is responsible for triggering an immune system response, then your skin would be very likely to show an allergy condition, such as rashes, itchiness & flaky skin.

Hand care, body care, personal care and skin care. To avoid skin allergies.

What are the potential allergens?

There're a few common allergens around us and let's get into it.

1) Nickel

Nickels are widely used jewelry, belt buckles, zippers & bra hooks, and this mental is pretty common to cause skin allergies.

Nickel in accessories and jewelries would potentially cause allergy reaction to some people.

2) Fragrance

Perfume, face & body products that smell good contain synthetic or natural fragrances. Synthetic fragrance is more common for irritating skin and causing skin allergies but there're also possibilities with natural fragrances like essential oils. Essential oils are made with natural plants/herbs, if you're allergic to certain plants/ herbs then you will be allergic to their essential oils as well, you should definitely stay away from them.

Fragrance, especially artificial or synthetic fragrance could be harmful to skin. Sensitive skin should avoid it. Choose natural essential oil as a natural fragrance minimise the chance.

3) Household Products

Household products such as cleansers, sunscreens, cosmetics, hair dye, deodorants & fabric softeners might contain harsh chemical ingredients, preservatives, and metals that would cause skin allergies especially after a significant amount of time in contact with skin.

deodorants, cleansers, cosmetics, sunscreens could contain harmful chemicals that cause skin allergies. Choose natural products.

Are there any other reasons for my skin allergies?

Definitely! There are so many things that could trigger an allergic reaction apart from skin contact. Sometimes people would get skin allergies triggered by nuts, fish, shellfish, cow's milk, gluten, eggs, soy products. Skin allergies could also be triggered by weather and climate, extremely hot or cold weather and humidity might be the reasons.

What should I do to prevent skin allergies?

If you're really unsure what causes your allergies and you're concerned about it, you can always consult your physicians and perform an allergy patch test. An allergy patch test will find out what are you allergic to. However, a lot of people suffering from chronic skin allergies might not be able to find the definite allergens that are responsible for the skin conditions. Therefore one of the smart ways is to avoid contact with potential allergens, understanding the ingredients of products that come into contact with your skin would be important and helpful. Choose your household products wisely and you might see an improvement to your skin allergies.

Meanwhile, strengthening your immune system helps. Since skin allergies are an immune system response, a change in diet and exercise will improve the way your immune system reacts when in contact with allergens.

Healthy diet such as fruit bowl would improve your skin quality.

How to soothe skin allergies?

For mild & occasional skin allergies, once you stay away from allergens, the allergies should go away naturally within a few days to a week time. If the allergic areas are itchy, you should wear loose clothing to avoid additional irritation and try a cold compress to relieve the itchiness. You could also apply natural non-scent cream or salve to the affected areas.

Wear loose clothing if you are suffering from skin allergies to avoid extra irritation.

For severe skin allergies or if the allergies occur constantly, consult your physicians or dermatologists.


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