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We all have heard that exercise is good for the skin, right? It's true in most aspects but there's also the possibility of worsening your skin, What? How?

Outdoor sports skin care

To start with, let us reassure you that exercise is really good not only for your skin but also for your health. During exercise, your heart rate goes up and blood circulation is improved. It helps to get oxygen and nutrients to the skin, your skin looks healthier and younger. When skin cells are active, your natural collagen product improves and your skin is regenerating better and faster, that's how you can keep your skin looking glowy and dewy. Certain skin conditions such as acne, skin allergies, and eczema could be triggered by stress, and sometimes exercise could improve these skin conditions. Exercise is proven to boost moods and relieve stress because of the endorphins released.

yoga improves skin condition

However, when you have these skin conditions (such as acne, skin allergies, and eczema). you'll have to take special care during exercise to ensure it doesn't worsen your conditions. One of the triggers to these skin conditions is body temperature. Your body temperature goes up during exercise and it's better to avoid outdoor exercise when the weather is hot and the sun is bright. Indoor exercise with good airflow (better with a fan or aircon) will help your body temperature to be stabilized. Wearing loose-fitting sports clothes or even fast-cooling clothes also helps your skin to stay drier and cooler. If your skin got too hot or shown redness after exercise, apply a cold compress to the affected area would be a good option to consider as well. It is also very important to rinse off or even better wash yourself right after exercise. Sweat is prone to bacteria and staying in your sweaty clothes would likely cause acne and itchy skin.

Indoor exercise is better for some skin condition

Even if you don't have the above skin conditions, you still need to have a good habit before and after exercise. It is not recommended to wear make-up during exercise because the mixture of make-up and sweat would potentially clog your pores. If you really have to wear make-up during exercise, at least make sure your make-up is non-comedogenic and cleanse your face very thoroughly and properly after exercise. (Good time for double cleansing!)

clean or shower after exercise and sweating is crucial for clear skin

Outdoor exercise is risky when you don't apply and re-apply sunscreens. It's known that direct sunlight is responsible for sunburnt and aging, even skin cancer. It is crucial to apply an appropriate level of sunscreen to protect your skin. Remember to re-apply sunscreen from time to time after sweating because sweat might decrease the protection of sunscreen over time. If possible, wear a hat and loose-fitting clothing covering your skin for extra protection.

sun protection to avoid damage to skin

All in all, as long as you are taking extra care of your skin before, during, and after exercise, exercise is definitely beneficial to your skin. Exercise should be on your beauty regime if you are looking for healthier, brighter and glowing skin!


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