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face cleansing is important, double cleansing is beneficial for oily and acne skin but also good for dry skin

With all the hype and focus on skincare products like fancy serums and moisturizers, we often forgot the most important step in our skincare routine - cleansing. In order to prepare our skin for all the lovely (sometimes expensive) products, we need to make sure our skin is well-cleansed and purified. After a long day with makeup and pollution out there, sweat and dirt piled up on our faces, sometimes it is not enough just to use a simple facial cleanser (definitely not enough with a makeup removal wipe!). So let’s dive into a deep cleansing routine: DOUBLE CLEANSING.

What exactly is double cleansing? Double cleansing gained popularity first in Japan and Korea and now it is basically all around the world and swore by a lot of beauty gurus. Normally double cleansing starts with an oil-based cleanser (such as cleansing oil or cleansing balm) to remove the makeup and dissolve the oil on your skin, followed by a general simple cleanser (such as facial soap, cleansing gel, cleansing milk depending on your skin type and preference) to remove any remaining makeup and all the dirt stuck in your pores. Now you’re ready to apply your sweet and lovely products on your face!

Purified and well-cleansed skin allows all the products applied after penetrates better and benefits more from the active ingredients. We don't want our precious skincare products staying only on the outer layer of the skin, we want them to get deeper and perform better. It is also problematic for oil and acne-prone skin if you apply serums and creams on skin with sweat, dirt, and makeup.

Double cleansing is amazing in a lot of aspects but it is extra beneficial for some skin types. Oily skin, acne-prone skin, and people who wear heavy makeup would always benefit from double cleansing. This cleansing method helps to remove as many impurities, excessive oil, dirt, and sweats (sometimes also bacterias) as possible and you are likely to have fewer breakouts because your face is clean. Oil control and moisturizing products would perform better as a result.

For dry skin and sensitive skin, it is not recommended to perform double cleansing every day unless you wear heavy makeup on a daily basis. It is perfectly fine to double cleanse your face once to twice a week though. Be sure to hydrate and protect your skin with moisturizers and facial oil after double cleansing. Nutritions in these products would penetrate your skin much better after double cleansing and the glow will follow.

The best time to do double cleansing is during your nighttime skincare routine, over-cleansing your face in the morning might cause excessive sebum or flaky skin.

Are you ready to start double cleansing?

Hope you enjoy the glow!


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